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Sweet Tyra, her mystery condition continues…

Do you remember Tyra? The sweet lab mix that we spotted at the ARS Shelter during the filming of our Borko Campaign 4 Change documentary last year.

At that time, it was thought that Tyra was suffering from some kind of skin rot, bone disease or even cancer, yet after transferring her into foster care in the UK, extensive veterinary tests revealed nothing at all!

We have healed her leg now so many times, only to find that once the bandages and head collar are removed, Tyra breaks the skin back open so that we are back where we started! Our vets in the UK have now concluded that she is suffering from acral lick dermatitis also known as a lick granuloma, an obsessive mental condition, that is much more difficult to cure than most diseases!

Our quest to heal her therefore continues, she is currently receiving Bowen Therapy and we hope to start Acupuncture as soon as funds allow. Yet all of these expensive tests and therapies have crippled us financially, and we really need some help with Tyra’s ongoing therapy and care expenses.

Please can you help? After so many years in the ARS shelter suffering this condition, Tyra really deserves to be happy, living in a home peacefully and healthy, yet without your help we are struggling to continue her treatment.

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If anyone can help us with gifts of more bandage and other supplies, please go to Tyra’s wish list here:

Please help us to help Tyra! Thank you ♥

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  1. Teresa

    This looks like lick granuloma to me. We had a Rotti with this condition, and our vet explained this was very difficult to cure. According to the vet, he was so used to licking that he would feel good. We tried bandaging, head collars, ointments, a gel that tasted “funny” to prevent him from licking, swimming therapy sessions, anything that th vet suggested. It would get better and then return after a few weeks!

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