Adopted! Sweet Special Needs Lily

Key Info

Name Lily
Basic Info 10mth old female, spayed



Lily is an adorable ten month old Collie, who is incredibly loving and good fun. Having been bred by a completely irresponsible breeder, Lily has some hearing and vision problems, so we are looking for an extremely special person for her.

Due to her poor start in life, Lily needs a consistent routine, with gentle careful introductions to new people, places and other dogs to allow her to cope with each new stimuli and not stress her to ensure that she feels comfortable and can focus on her training. Lily is very quick and eager to learn and loves learning new tricks. She is responding very well to her lead and recall training and also focus work with a ball and we are expecting to be able to extend her walks to more external stimuli with this training in place.

Lily’s adopter therefore needs to have the time to invest in her training and consistent introductions to the world with their full attention focused on Lily while out and about. Lily would be able to live with a balanced, gentle, friendly dog and/or older children.

With her hearing and vision problems, Lily can hear noises such as a sports whistle but not a dog whistle, and she can also hear when her name is called. The vet who assessed her eyesight said she has difficulty in differentiating between things if they are near or far away and she sometimes bumps into things if excited – the vet described it as a shortcut between her eyes and her brain which might improve as she gets older.

Anyone who has the time to invest in Lily’s future will be rewarded with the most beautiful, loving and loyal little girl… she is much loved at the kennels, a firm favourite!

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