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HELP Little Street Urchin Lisa go home

Little Lisa appeared one day at a spot under a tree, she was not one of the known street dogs so where she came from we can only guess. We couldn’t leave her there so we took her in immediately.

Although everything looked fine with her at first sight this proved to be wrong. Little Lisa was actually struggling to breath, so we rushed her straight to our vets and further checks showed she was suffering from a Pneumothorax (Air in the Chest Cavity).

Thankfully we found her when we did otherwise her life would have been in great danger :/

We do not know what caused the initial lung injury yet our vets ruled out a road traffic accident as no other injuries were found, so they think that Little Lisa had been kicked or hit with great force.

Lisa had to have a small surgery to repair the cavity wall which was successful and she is now fully healed.

Our Little Urchin has now found her perfect family BUT we need to pay 500 euros for her clinic hospitalisation costs and transport costs so she can travel to her new home.

PLEASE HELP our Little sweetheart to get to love and her FOREVER home

Love Lisa <3



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