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Help Get Marousska in from the Snow this Winter…

It’s been a year since sweet gentle Marousska’s owner dumped her on the frozen streets of Bulgaria. This kind loyal sweetheart has stayed faithfully in the same spot, day and night, in all weathers, only leaving for short visits to beg for food at the nearby food store, to quickly go back to her spot, waiting and waiting in vain for her owner to return.

With so few shelters in Bulgaria, Marousska is not alone in her plight and her story is echoed right across the country, with thousands of abandoned dogs walking the streets seeking their past family. With temperatures frequently dropping to −25 °C (−13 °F) through the winter, abandoned dogs like Marousska often freeze to death through the night and Marousska’s community carer simply cannot bear to see her suffer another winter in this cold open field, so she has asked us to help…

It costs on average 650 euros (£512 / $800) to rescue, kennel, prepare, rehome and transport a healthy dog like Marousska to a family in Europe; considerably more if they need medical treatment. By donating today you could help rescue dogs like Marousska and give them a safe new life of peace and happiness. 

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There are an estimated 70,000 dogs in the capital of Sofia Bulgaria alone in need of rescue and we will not stop until they are safe. You could help them.

Every moment we wait is another moment a dog like Marousska could be faced with poison, starvation, beating, freezing to death or fall victim to being run over by a tram or car and sustain horrific injuries. This Winter, please spare a thought for the countless dogs and puppies huddled together to fight the snow and freezing temperatures in Bulgaria. Anything you can give, will help… Please give today to help rescue more dogs like Marousska and give them a chance of a life of peace and safety.

Thank you all for everything you do to give these dogs the life they deserve and helping us to make dreams come true!

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  1. Patricia Fawcett

    Please help little marousska get out of that field she deserves to be somewhere warm and to have a loving home….how could her owners do this to her they should be so ashamed of themselves

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