Help for Abandoned Viki and Pups

Please help us to keep these adorable babies safe and well.

Help for Abandoned Viki and her Puppies

Sweet little Viki was found abandoned on the cruel streets of Bulgaria with terrible wounds on her back and legs. With her friendly nature and loving disposition, she looked as if she had had pups previously and was clearly owned previously; most likely abandoned only to fall victim to an accident, most likely with a car. Her skin quickly healed, yet what her vet didn’t suspect was that she was already pregnant, and soon delivered a healthy litter of tiny babies!

We then had to move mum and pups to a quarantined area, yet poor Mamma Viki was traumatised by the move. A few hours after the move with her newborn babies, Viki seemed to lose all interest in them. Sadly we lost one of the babies that first day and we seriously thought we were looking at hand rearing them all as it appeared she was going to abandon them :/ but thankfully she soon returned to suckling them all again with the dedication of our carer.

We named her babies Bella, Teddy, Harley, Otis and Nico

Once Viki was settled, she and the puppies thrived and they are now healthy butterballs of fun! Viki has also flourished and looks fantastic – with the pups no longer needing her she has the chance of a foster home in the UK to go to for Christmas. The pups are however very small, Viki herself is very small, and Dad looks like he was a Miniature Pinscher or similar, so we need to keep the puppies in boarding until they are older before microchipping and passporting them, as it’s not safe to microchip such small pups due to chip migration issues while growing.

As we have already another 11 puppies in our care, we desperately need your help with Viki’s 300 euro costs of transport as well as the pups costs of boarding, food and vet care bills to keep these gorgeous little unexpected pups healthy while we wait to get them ready for adoption.


PLEASE, PLEASE help us with these adorable babies.

Love Viki and babies Bella, Teddy, Harley, Otis and Nico ♥



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