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Make a Bitcoin charity donation to K9 Rescue – and help save lives

K9 Rescue is the first animal charity in the UK to accept Bitcoin – a form of digital currency. Your Bitcoin donation will help save the lives of abandoned and abused dogs.

Our Bitcoin wallet address is 19aweDajqjAk8nF9us4JRScTd9QERoP5v6.

Thank you for your support!

Frequently asked questions

Why accept bitcoins?

Bitcoin is an innovative new kind of currency and we believe that accepting Bitcoin will result in donations we may not otherwise receive, as well as connecting us with new types of supporters.

Also, from our research into future trends, it looks likely that we will receive digital currency as a donation and/or as part of a legacy at some point and we want to be prepared for that eventuality.

Are bitcoin donations anonymous?

Yes, they work the same as a cash donation in that anyone can send them to us without providing their details. If people wish to hear from us in the future, they can provide their details voluntarily.

What is the value of bitcoin?

The value of one bitcoin varies. An up-to-date value in pounds or euros can be found at

The ‘wallet’ – which is a kind of online collecting tin for Bitcoin – we have chosen to use allows for donations of 0.00000001 of a bitcoin.

How safe is it to donate bitcoin?

We’ve selected a provider that we believe offers the best level of protection for our Bitcoin in a hosted ‘wallet’ using two-factor authentication and AES encryption.

As with all online transactions you should take care when entering your information and follow reasonable security measure with your personal information.

A unique feature of the Bitcoin system is that all Bitcoin transactions where funds move from one wallet to another are publicly visible in a public ledger that forms the basis of the Bitcoin system – called the blockchain.

Is bitcoin legal?

Yes. There is currently no legal restriction for merchants to accept payments in Bitcoins in the UK, Ireland or the EU.

HMRC have issued guidance to companies on how to handle, record and tax Bitcoin transactions, and operations which K9 Rescue will comply with. More details on HMRC guidance are available here.


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