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Borko Eviction Update – Wonderful News!!! Justice has been served!!

We have wonderful news about the eviction of disabled little Borko and his Daddy Dr Litov!! The Bulgarian Administrative Court in Smolyan ruled in favour of Dr Litov and against the municipality of Devin!

According to the judge, the eviction notice, served at the end of March to Dr Litov was unfounded and flawed. Not a single shred of evidence was presented to the Court to substantiate the municipality’s claims that Dr Litov was in breach of his tenancy contract. Тhe judge ruled all photographs of Borko, taken in his room, inadmissible and irrelevant to the case. Furthermore, according to the judge “the lack of physical evidence, substantiating the municipality’s claim is an infringement of the administrative procedure so fundamental, that it makes it impossible for the court to establish the very legal grounds of that claim”. As a result the administrative act (the eviction notice) as a whole is corrupt and void. In other words the message to the municipality of Devin was “Grow up and wise up”!

Way to go Borko and Dr Litov… yay!!

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Borko Book


Also, don’t miss Borko’s new Children’s story and colouring book all about Borko!







Borko Christmas Cards


Or perhaps some Borko Christmas Cards helping to spread the word not just about the plight of street dogs like Borko in Bulgaria, yet also about Disabled Dogs – life doesn’t have to end when a dog has a broken spine, with mobility carts widely available now, a dog can still enjoy life to the full, just like Borko does!







Thank you to all of Borko’s wonderful supporters!

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28 Responses

  1. Tatjana Baake

    Dear sweet little Borko and dear Dr. Litov!

    It drives me to tears to see you – my sweet Borko – jumping around in your wheelchair at home with your Daddy!

    I’m so glad with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS from me to you with all my heart!

    I send you all my love!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    You are all so great!!!!

  2. Bushra Pasha

    Way to go BORKO and Daddy :). I am so happy for you guys.

  3. David Hereaux

    And now they make his life a living hell in order to retaliate from the judges orders. 🙁

  4. Michelle Smetana Gormley

    Borko,his daddy,his family,his story touched so many hearts,it is such a relief that finally, a bit of justice is seen in a sea of intolorence. Praying we can continue moving forward. Wishing Borko,his family long&happy lives.Dr.Litov,you are truly a hero.

  5. sherri foil

    Glad to here hes safe!we prayed a lot for this little one and he’s so grown up and has wheels now!!

  6. Ron

    I’m relieved that justice prevails.
    Everybody go visit Borko when going for vacation.
    In this way we show our support with our presence.

  7. Linda S.

    I am so happy that everything has turned out well and that Dr.Litov, his family and Borko are safe to continue to live safely and happily together. I was so worried about Borko after seeing the last attack on him in his own yard, I was concerned like allot of others that he may have been killed. I like many would like to know if any charges were laid against the piece of scum that attacked Borko? To Borko many, many kisses, Dr.Litov many thanks and hugs to you and your family.

  8. Marmonnier Christine

    Borko je suis si heureuse pour toi et tes maîtres !!!!!!! Que du bonheur à vous tous !!!!! La pression internationale a marché !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Romola

    What a little champion, humans have a lot to answer for, how anyone could beat a defenseless animal is shocking. Borko you made it.

  10. Nicole.L

    I’m really happy and glad to hear about the good news.
    It has been a really stressful time for both Dr. Litov and Borko.
    Hope that everything will be alright and happy from now on.
    Best wishes to the both of you. 🙂

  11. Anne Grice

    I am so happy and relieved to hear of this positive outcome for Borko and his daddy. Thank God for justice and how it can work when its honest. Borko you are always in my heart and your story will be known far far away as I buy and share items from K9 Rescue. Thanks for this update.

  12. Rani

    Die Geschichte von Borko hat mich zutiefst berührt und verfolgt mich in meinen Träumen. Brutal zusammengeschlagen im eigenen Heim. Ein unschuldiges Wesen von einem feigen Menschen ohne jegliche Scham und Reue geprügelt. Mensch, Schande über Dich. Gib Gott, dass Du dafür eines Tages zur Rechenschaft gezogen wirst.
    Ich wünsche Borko und seiner Familie nun ein glückliches und langes Leben ohne Kummer und Leid … und das Laufen mit dem Rolli wird sicher immer besser für Borko.

  13. Cecilia R.

    Good for Dr. Litov and Borko. And a big thanks to K9 rescue for coming to their aid, without which if they hadn’t Borko would not be around. Now his abusers need to be brought to justice and should be treated as Borko was. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with the injustice and suffering that Borko and his daddy, Dr. Litov, went through.

  14. Tosca

    Dr. Litov..Thank you for saving Borko..and K9 rescue good job.. Kisses -Hugs for Borko <3

  15. Olga

    YEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Wi did it!!!!!!WWWOOOWW)))))))))))))))))))))) I wish all people hwo did it!!) Thank’s!!!

  16. Marina

    Thank you for this great news!
    Wish you – dear fluffy bear – a long life full of joy and love with your great dad!!!

  17. que alegría al abrir mi ordenador encontrar esta buenissima noticia,hoy voy a tener un buen dia.Nunca deje de pensar en este perrito,que salio a la fama desgraciadamente por un asunto vergonzoso,no se como podemos darle las gracias al dr Litov por haber hecho ,lo que toda persona con corazón,debia..Voy a intentar colaborar según mis módicos medios para el sostenimiento de nuestro querido Bolko

  18. Caddie

    Thank you Lord!!! I am SSSOOOO happy to hear of this, I have never forgotten Borko. Precious dog

  19. Alison Baker

    That is Fabulous news!
    Congratulations to all involved brilliant work. and best wishes and regards to Dr Litov, and Borko, A wonderful thing!

  20. robyn

    I was so happy to see this update in my email today! Borko popped in my thoughts the other day and I have been wondering how he was. Such good news.

  21. Julie van Niekerk

    I. Followed the story of Borko. This is fantastic news. He has grow into a very handsome dog. What happened to his abuser?

  22. Charmaine Shannon

    ” PRAYERS ” are answered !! Such a WONDERFUL OUTCOME for Precious Borko and His Dr. Dad !! This was a SAD STORY and Such an “INJUSTICE” to this HIGHLY RESPECTED MAN and an INNOCENT LITTLE DOG !! MANY “BLESSINGS” to Both of you and May this be the BEGINNING of AWESOME THINGS for the POOR STREET DOGS and other Animals that are HOMELESS !! Thank-You to “ALL” that were involved and Helped to Make this Happen !!!!

  23. Michelle

    Fantastic! Voices were heard! Congratulations, Borko and Dr Litov!!

  24. Sarah Hafer

    Oh, my goodness!! I was terrified for a long time that a bad ending would happen and i’m truly stoked this ended up a really happy one!! Bless all of your hearts and it really relieves me knowing Borko is going to be safe after all!

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